Reflection Photography Review

by Frank Daly

Dr. Shannon Chance and

Shannon Chance is a veritable renaissance woman who has worked on an eclectic range of business activities: She is an architect, an educator, an artist, a photographer, a Marie Curie Research Fellow and a professor of architecture. The list goes on and on and there is scarcely any artistic endeavour which she has hasn’t embraced and mastered in a relatively short timescale.

Her fine art reflection photography is featured on this portfolio site and the limited edition prints on textured art paper may be purchased at the online shop.

The reflections are so much more than just chance encounters, although there is an element of that, they are also well considered, juxtaposing unlikely elements in new, exciting ways, giving us an alternative perspective on cityscapes and urban life, with layers of images intertwined.

The body of work on this site represent seminal work by Shannon in defining the new sub-area of photography  "photo-reflection" and the multi-layering  effects are reminiscent  of MC Escher's famous lithographs such as Three Worlds, which show ripples and leaves on the surface of a pond, a fish below the water and reflections of trees above it.

The work is mainly categorised in three areas: glass reflections, metal reflections and water reflections with each material adding its own physical characteristics to the images. Start by viewing the images as a set of semi-abstract photographs and then delve into the layers of reflected and distorted images contained within each picture. Its a delightful journey of discovery. Enjoy.

Reflecting on what to photograph   

Reflecting on what to photograph